Include the following services: Change engine oil /  sharpen blades ( remove and balance ) , drain and clean
fuel system, clean electrical connections , inspect all operating systems, including belts and tires.
Additional services such as  removing carburetor for cleaning,  replacing pull cord, installing damaged or
missing hardware, repairing flat tires, ect  are all services that are in addition to the basic fee.
DEPOSIT is required at the time of pick-up: 30.00 mowers, 40.00 tillers, 60.00 riders. Your deposit is credited
to the final invoice.
ESTIMATES will be given if we find your repair  will involve unexpected or excessive repair. If you elect not to
have your repair completed, the minimum repair rate must be charged if you wish to have equipment
returned. We cannot be responsible for any equipment failures during the course of your service ( broken
pull cords, dead battery, flat tire, ect. )
PAYMENT is due at the time of delivery.  Most major credit cards  are accepted  as well as cash or personal
checks. We reserve the right to deny check or credit card payment at any time.
RETURN CHECK fee is 40.00 ( no exceptions ) and must be in the form of cash and due within 48 hours.
WARRANTY 30 days for parts WE INSTALL only. NO WARRANTY ALLOWED on blades, belts, pull cords,
electrical components or any failed part due to misuse or neglect. All equipment is tested before being
returned. Since it is impossible for us to know how you maintain your equipment, we cannot be responsible
for additional repairs due to neglect, lack of proper maintenance or poor cutting habits.
IMPORTANT: part of
your service may involve the removal of stale or contaminated fuel.
When your equipment is returned, you will
have a clean fuel system. The re-use of stale or contaminated fuel constitutes a major factor in poor
performance or no-start conditions. Do not re-use fuel remaining from the previous cutting season, fuel more
than one  month old, fuel stored out doors, or fuel stored in metal containers  If additional service is required
due to the re-use of  stale fuel an additional service charge will be necessary.
FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY  is available to areas within an eight mile radius of Waldorf, Md. For other
areas, a nominal fee is charged, based on time and distance.
Once your equipment is repaired, you will be notified by telephone and a delivery date will be arranged.
Should you fail to be present or fail to have payment available a re-delivery charge based on time and
distance will be added to your invoice. These fees are in addition to any prior charged delivery fees, as per
your invoice. If you schedule a pickup and the equipment is not available, the additional fee must be charged
if you wish a second attempt. Equipment must be accessible at the time of a scheduled pickup.** Equipment
left in isolated areas which require substantial loading time and labor, may be charged an additional fee.
Please have all accessories removed before pickup ( grass catchers, plows, leaf rakes, ect )  In order to
provide this free service, we must strictly adhere to these  policies.
STORAGE CHARGES: We attempt to deliver your repaired equipment as soon as possible after repairs are
completed.   Any equipment left more than 10 days after notification will be subject to a storage fee of  3.50
per day, per item. After 30 days, the equipment will be considered abandoned and will be sold or disposed of.

                Our goal is to provide you quick service at a reasonable price.
                                      Your business is appreciated!

                                      Most major credit cards accepted