"What Works For Me"

I  continually hear people say how much time and money they spend on their lawn each year         
and still don't' get the results they desire. It sickens me to see people waste so much precious    
time and money making the
same mistakes over and over again and getting the same poor            
results.  If you're like me,  you don't want to waste  hours trying to  maintaining an impressive  
lawn.   I decided to put together  a copy of my own lawn care plan, sharing  what I have found to
be extremely   successful for either rebuilding or  maintaining  a great lawn!  All this with an
amazingly  small amount of work and money!  

Want to know how to get rid of and keep moles out of your yard?...... I can tell you!
Want to know what seed is most successful in this area? ..... I can tell you!
Want to know how to get rid of weeds and keep them out?..... I can tell you!
Want to know how to tell if you NEED to restore  your lawn and IF you do, HOW to do it properly?

This is a simple lawn maintenance program that has proven extremely successful for me. It is a
proven plan that I have used or shared with others  to rebuild a number of 'disaster' lawns over
the years. I sell this  for 5.00 each. To get a copy, email or call and I'll make sure you get a copy
A few lawn maintenance tips

Did you know.......?
when you mow your lawn  your mower or lawn tractor operates at about
the same rpms  as your car would if you were driving at a constant
miles per hour!? Most people don't drive that fast.

A brand new lawn tractor engine uses about one (1) ounce of oil for
every six (6) hours of use. Most cars would never use that much oil.  

A mower, because it operates so close to the ground, will draw in
hundreds of times more dust and dirt than any car engine would. You
would have to change your car's air  filter every day if you used it to cut
your grass!
As you can see, oil, plugs, filters, electrical componants , belts, ect , wear
many times faster then any car would..

Still thinking of putting off that maintenance another year??
Never water your lawn after 12:00 noon.  To avoid fungus and other lawn desease,
never allow your grass to remain wet after sunset

In spring and summer, keep your grass level at 2 inches or more in height.  Weeds
have a difficult time germinating in the shade of thick grass. Also, your soil will retain
much more moisture.

Ever get that white "sheen" covering your lawn after cutting? Time to sharpen or
replace your blades!