Southern Maryland
est 1984
Licensed in Charles County, Maryland,  "Southern Maryland Mower - Medic" is a registered
name in the State of Maryland
         My name is Jack Dennis and I began  a small engine repair
business in 1984 and licensed it as "Southern  Maryland   Mower Medic".  
My intent has always been to provide Southern Maryland with dependable
service at a reasonable cost and in a "TIMELY" manner.  Realizing  the
inconvenience of transporting to our shop, we have always provided free
pickup and delivery to most local areas. Those outside our delivery range
are still offered a very reasonable fee for this same service.
      Each year I see yet another new repair shop open in our region. Or,
in some cases, a shop will  simply change it's name to appear new. Very
often those same shops are nowhere to be found a year later. Our shop
has more then thirty years experience in Charles County and will be here
next year and the year after and many more years. With our experience
we are able to complete your repair correctly the
first time at a
reasonable cost. These many years of service has also created a huge
database of loyal, repeat  customers. We would like to make you one of