Southern Maryland
Licensed in Charles County, Maryland,  "Southern Maryland Mower - Medic" is a registered
name in the State of Maryland
Est 1984
Thank you for visiting our website.  My name is Jack Dennis. In 1984
I began a small engine repair business in Charles County and
licensed it as
Southern Maryland Mower-Medic.  Hopefully, you  will
give  us the opportunity to serve you. Perhaps  you  are
contemplating who  to call for your  service needs  but before you
make that decision, please give me a chance to tell you about our

Each year there seems to be a few new "repair" shops to open in
our area.  They may promise many things,  such as enticing pr
free offers, or overnight service; all promises that
may prove
difficult to honor.
By year's end, most of the "pop-up" shops, as I
call them, will disappear, never to be heard
from again. Some
established shops in our area even change their name from time to
time to give the impression they are "new" only to be discovered
later who they really are. We don't play those games. Mower-Medic
was established
over thirty years ago and  we have never changed
our name and we have ALWAYS offered FREE PICKUP AND
DELIVERY SERVICE in the local area and we will never make  
promises we cannot  keep. Yes
, there may be times our prices may
differ slightly from others  and  yes, we do get backed up in the
spring months due to the large demand, but we will never promise
you something we cannot deliver
Our years of experience, which includes training from both Briggs
and Stratton and Tecumseh Engines,
 means we have the expertise
to do your repair correctly, effectively and at a reasonable
cost. We
also stock hundreds of parts in our inventory which helps  expedite
your repair. Many
years of service also means a database of many
satisfied customers that return to us each year.

If  you have any questions or concerns, please email me personally
at Mowermedic01@aol. com. or call me, 301-705-5593. I look forward
to hearing from you and would be happy to include you in our
Mower Medic family!